Navigating the Landscape of Enterprise UX: Strategies for Success

Date and time: 29th May 6:00pm - 29th May 2024 9:00pm - Europe/London
Price from: £20.00
Location: London

Join us on 29th May in London for a deep dive into Enterprise UX. We'll explore this increasingly popular space, to understand the unique hurdles facing designers and researchers who strive to craft user experiences tailored for business environments.

From decoding intricate workflows to aligning stakeholder priorities, we'll unveil strategies for overcoming obstacles and driving meaningful UX enhancements.

Through dynamic discussions, case studies, and interactive sessions, gain valuable insights into effective research methodologies, stakeholder engagement, and best practices for designing intuitive, productivity-driven experiences.

Whether you're an experienced UX professional, a business leader aiming to refine your organisation's digital landscape, or an enthusiast keen on exploring the convergence of technology and enterprise efficiency, this event will equip you with the tools and inspiration to elevate your UX endeavours.

Event location
Fora - Folgate Street
35-41 Folgate St, London E1 6BX

Doors open


Gareth Young - Senior Product Designer, Goodlord
Enterprise UX: B2B vs. B2C Products

Productivity vs. Conversion. Accuracy vs. Aesthetics. Workflows vs Customer Journeys. I talk about how designing enterprise software typically differs from designing consumer apps, and explain why B2B UX is now a highly sought-after and more attractive area to work in compared with 10+ years ago.

Esra Yetis - Principal Product Innovation and Design Strategist,LSEG
Steering the Ship: Navigating the complexities of large-scale enterprise products

Explore the world of enterprise products with insight and hands-on experience from various industries and organisations across the globe. In this talk, we will deep dive into the complexities of designing for large-scale enterprises and you will gain a strategic perspective on how product impacts company dynamics and operations. You will also learn to anticipate the effects of change, adopting a product and design thinking mindset and cross-functional collaboration to enhance conversation in this complex ecosystem.

The talk highlights the challenges of navigating the complexities of enterprise solutions and internal operations as organisations scale. These challenges often result in a complex patchwork of systems leading to trust issues with data, increased human error, the need for manual workarounds, and compromised employee dynamics.

A single change can rip through multiple aspects of an organisation; therefore, recognising the transformative power of a product-led strategy and a holistic approach to enterprise product is critical. We will illustrate this concept with various practical examples from B2B scenarios, employee experiences, and products with end-users that are secondary in the service chain.

Venessa Bennett - Global UX Director, Dye & Durham
Navigating the Legal Frontier: Implications of AI within Legal Tech

As AI becomes adopted more widely by more and more industries, there is pressure to adapt and embrace AI or be left behind and the legal tech industry is no exception. 

While AI has the potential to transform the legal tech industry it also comes with potential complexities and ethical considerations:

  • How do we approach integrating AI thoughtfully? 
  • How do we automate processes while giving our users control to make decisions?
  • How do we ensure accuracy and trust when integrating AI?

Venessa will discuss how she and her team are tackling these questions, in this rapidly evolving landscape.

  • Key takeaways:
    Understand AI’s impact on the legal industry to streamline workflows and reduce admin
  • Have an understanding of the ethical considerations when integrating AI 
  • Have an understanding of the importance of automation while allowing the user to be in control


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