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Our Services


 Custom Built Platform

  • Build consultancy 

  • Private gated platform

  • Customised registration pages 

  • Polls, Q&A, pop ups, handouts

  • Branded gamification

  • Events analytics & reporting 

  • Attendee database 

  • Tailor made functionality

Content and Marketing

  • Speaker acquisition  

  • Slides creation & music 

  • Speaker training & tech checks 

  • Programme planning 

  • Audience acquisition planning

  • Targeted attraction campaigns 

  • Social media management 

  • Partnership strategy

Event Management


  • Event day management 

  • Event setup & automation  

  • Event attendee support

  • Communication strategy

  • Post-event feedback   

  • Event recording and edits

  • Back end support

  • Attendee experience design




Our Platform


We can create a fully customised platform using your brand guidelines. We can add any features you may require. Essentially we will build an event system or community for any business requirement. No project is too big or small


Our team is here to support your entire event, you can have account management, speaker support, attendee support making sure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. 


Our platform is super interactive, this is no zoom video. We will create polls, Q&A, Pop-ups, handouts, games, networking tables  and anything else you may require. 


We will integrate the platform into your marketing and sales systems so you can collect attendee data and event analytics . We can also host on your domain or sub domine making the event truly yours 


Case Study




—Professor Karen Cham FRSA, University of Brighton

“there are very few companies worldwide that could have made the seamless sidestep to 100% virtual events. TechCircus is one of them. In addition to still providing some of the most enjoyable and intellectually stimulating events in the UX/product calendar, they have also now helped me deliver the remaining components of a £1.3m EU funded innovation project- online without massive design and build costs. Indispensable. I have every intention to ensure this is the beginning of a long relationship between TechCircus and Connect Futures”


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