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Love honey required an event that enabled them to automate numerous influencer talks and broadcast them to their customers whilst promoting their new winter product ranges.


They also needed the media to have a seperate gateway that enabled them to have extra exclusive media PR content.  Two of the tracks (stages) were pre-recorded, with automated product pop-ups and polls, whilst the main stage was running live under the direction of our events manager. As they have 1000's of customers coming via our regiestion platform we have to create a attendee communication strategy and a support bot to help any customers who may have personal tech issues whilst trying the access the online event. 

Due to the nature of the event being about sexual awareness we created a filter system for the chat and question and answer sessions making sure the public only saw legitimate questions that didn't cross into any negative boundaries, we provided a team to make sure all the questions and chats were moderated throughout the event.

Tech Circus built the entire platform including registration and multi-track agenda and  , recorded all the talks, set up an automated platform with full customer support as well as ran and directed the event. 

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