University of Brighton, Connected Futures received a European Government grant to spur innovation within SME's using airport data to create new user experiences. As part of the grant they were required to educate commercial UX designers and researchers in data-driven UX and give them access to grants to develop new platforms for partner airports. Tech Circus ran a six part course and conference via our Tech circus UX community platform and promoted the course to the entire UK UX Community. 

UOB had complex technical needs. Tech Circus provided UOB a custom built platform with exclusive access to course participants who have met eligibility to sign up. We offered six events and on the same platform created an tracked on-demand video platform that was used as part of the course credits.  We managed and hosted all the events doing everything from training and tech checking the speakers to hosting the stages and introducing the events to attendees. We tracked who turned up to the live session so UBO could provide evidence of attendance to their funder and achieve the set KPI's. At the end of the course this data was also used to give each participant that completed twelve hours of course an official training certificate.