Dive Into The Business X Design Conference With Martin Dowson

As you may have seen, we recently launched a brand new event; the Business X Design Conference. This is a new, educational conference aiming to build up business confidence within design teams. There is a gap within the learning and development available for the design community and we view this education to be critical in terms of maturing the craft and understanding design’s place at the table.

The conference will include 3 days of talks, panel discussions and fireside chats covering a range of topics. Each day will be geared towards a different stage of a designer’s career, starting with the role of senior practitioners and following the trajectory to C-Level leader.

Day 1 will focus on the frameworks, toolsets and mindsets that have helped our speakers to frame their craft in a business context.

On day 2 we will hear from team leaders and managers, talking about how they have led, managed and planned their work in order to amplify the impact that design has on businesses.

The final day will involve talks from executives, who will share insights into the way design leadership changes when you are positioned closer to the business and look at it from an alternative perspective. What does it mean if the ultimate leadership is not to be the best designer, but to be the best leader?

We are also introducing a workshop day at this conference. These hands-on sessions will offer deep dives into the practical application of some of these frameworks. You will have the opportunity to try these methods and disseminate them within your own projects.

In this video, Martin speaks more about how this conference is structured, what each day will focus on and most importantly, what you can expect to take away from the talks, panels and workshops delivered by our world leading industry expert speakers.

The Business X Design website is live, and tickets are available to buy now. Head over to the website to find out more about who we have speaking, and see the full agenda for the conference.

Head over to the website now

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