Navigating the Transition - Going Back to Physical

Hello everybody! I hope that you all had great weekends and are looking forward to the week ahead.

I’ve been working with Tech Circus for a little over three months now and must admit that it’s been quite a strange start to a career in event organising. Having never attended a physical event run by Tech Circus, I’m both nervous and excited to experience the transition from the virtual space to a physical one. I feel as though I’ve outgrown the comfortable confines of my bedroom and look forward to taking these next steps back towards normality with the rest of the team- especially those who have also never taken part in organising physical meetup events before.

We understand that a large number of our viewers are itching to get back to physical conferences and events, so can’t wait to welcome you back within the next few months. Once we’ve finalised the where and the when, you’ll all be invited to join us for our first community event back in the open world! I hope to meet a few new faces in the networking sessions and perhaps recognise some of those that I’ve virtually met from various zoom calls and online events that I’ve been helping out with.

Next year we plan to come back in full force and provide even better content for the audience that we’ve managed to grow during the pandemic. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding our calendar for next year, we’d love to hear your thoughts. I created this survey to help us identify what content you care about the most and also wanted to gauge your thoughts on returning to physical events. So, if you fancy the chance of winning a fifty pound Amazon voucher, I’d give it a go!

We have some exciting physical events in the pipeline and look forward to sharing these with you. We’re really grateful for all of the support we’ve received over the last sixteen months and will still be hosting community events and conferences online, so that our audience around the world can stay connected with us, whilst utilising those ‘sitting at home behind a computer’ skills that we’ve all been sharpening!

The uncertainty that has surrounded the last year and a bit of our lives has left many of us feeling confused, anxious and worried. But one thing you can be certain of is that we’ll be returning to the conference halls super soon and are more than ready to get back out there and meet you all when you’re feeling ready too.

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